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Safe Havens


The Commonwealth of GOD - Safe Havens of the LORD

Societies of the Rose are the basic micro communities of the Roserians. In these communities the members will learn to act as a unit in love, understanding and support for themselves and their neighbors.

A Society of the Rose contains as many as 50 members who will come together every Thursday for the Holy Day of the Religion of the Rose and will use donated funds to support righteous projects within their community. Instead of donating funds to organizations which will not disclose the use of it or do not allow the donor to select the projects to be used for the donations, Roserians will pool their funds together, select righteous projects and accompany them throughout the whole donation period guaranteeing a successful use of the funds.

Small units are more innovative than big groups. They can follow common goals easier and will stay autonomic from outside interference. The headquarters of the Religion of the Rose will assist each Society  but will not control or dominate them. The Roserians within each community will work together to create a new life of understanding and support by following the two commandments and the four philosophies of the Religion of the Rose.

The goal is to build a strong society which will support its members, guide them to a new way of life without materialism and greed, show mercy and assistance to needy people, neighbors and animals, live the principle of "Ownership of friends" and place the word of GOD in the hearts for their daily life.

The Societies of the Rose accept all nationalities or races and are tolerant towards all people. They operate and can be founded worldwide by dedicated persons who wish to follow the Religion of the Rose and change their materialistic way of life. They will be mentioned with photograph and story on the website of the Religion of the Rose to invite further partners to join them.

The benefits of the Societies of the Rose are:

  • a new way of life through love and understanding

  • partner support in cases of problems like unemployment, sickness or accidents

  • no fears of the future

  • flexible work environment through exchange with other communities

  • better income

  • sharing of community resources

  • staying away from materialism and its results like greed

  • daily happiness through support of needy people

  • nature and animal protection

  • use of alternative energies

  • building a strong faith through 2 commandments

  • realizing own dreams within a supporting community

  • secure active retirement

  • creation of a mid-sized income for all members as protection against poverty

  • active designing the future of this world

  • daily sacrifice of love by lifting up the needy, nameless and faceless

  • emergency response team in times of calamities or natural disasters

Confirmation about special people coming together to help others in any need (His Holy Tether Channel: