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Testimonies from our Roserians

Crissy (USA)

I recently discovered one of your videos and was compelled to view it. Immediately, you began to speak familiar  words and phrases that I believe have also been spoken to me by the Holy Spirit. The first and most obvious is your reference to an “Exodus”.


A few years ago, after desperately seeking God and praying and asking God for audible instruction ( I was hopelessly confused and did not know what the right thing was  to do about something). The next day a coworker says, I had a dream about you last night and I am supposed to tell you something. She proceeds to tell me that she had a dream in which she could hear a stern male voice saying tell her, tell her, tell her. She exclaimed who?! in her dream. She said as soon as she said that in the dream I turned around in my office chair revealing who she had to tell this message to. This person is not churchy nor do we have spiritual conversations prior to this situation The message was: “The waters are troubled but they will part soon, just keep moving forward”. There was a reference to an Exodus in that message.


Many months later  as I was pondering this message while on vacation with my family. I asked the Lord: What do you mean exactly by keep moving forward? I got distracted by something with my children  and later sat back down in the same chair on the porch  to have what I thought was a random thought but later realized it was the answer to the question I asked. I think that the Lord did it this way so I could not write this off as my own thought…The words were ”Just keep coming toward me”. This is something that I believe you said in a daily prophetic message two days ago.


The other striking similarity is your reference to God’s Holy Mountain. My one and only visitation from Jesus came in a dream where I was viewing a scene on a mountain. The mountain was dark and there was thunder and lightning. At the time(15 years ago) I did not have the biblical knowledge that I have now. So there were confirmations in God’s Word that I was unaware of. Most of what happened in that visitation was like a scene out of the book of Exodus which I had not even read at the time. I literally was taken to a mountain where God spoke or downloaded information when it thundered while  lightning revealed tablets made of stone with writing that I could not read. That same night during the dream, there was also a personal encounter with Jesus Christ,  not on the mountain but in my very room. I remember clinging to Him like my life depended on it. The love that emanated from him was literally palpable. It surpassed any feeling of euphoria ever experienced on this earth that I had known. He never moved his mouth but he was interacting and communicating with me. He wore a white garment made of light and had fire beneath his feet.  I was not able to see his face but instead believe form the viewpoint that I was embracing him as I looked down from the embrace, I could see the hem of his garment and fire beneath the hem.

600 SB

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