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Using Natural Resources

Our Roserian Thomas has received a new Farm System that allows Farmers to operate independently from governmental Resources through a vivid prophetic Vision from the Lord:


”Come Out Of Her My People” is what I heard ringing in my spirit, not once but time over time for several weeks. And, to be perfectly honest, I did not even know who the ‘her’ was, but I knew I needed to pay attention to that familiar Voice inside of me. That Voice had led me through many situations in the past and brought me back from death several times and many other times saved me from a seemingly certain death!  As most of us  seeking our Master, Yahushua haMashiach in these last days are now familiar with that scripture in Revelation 18:4 describing a whore riding upon a beast, I was to discover that beast was a governmental system of man and the whore riding upon it were the citizens of the nations of government.  I also was to learn that the bride of Messiah had mixed herself with that whore becoming so entangled with her that most of us cannot tell the difference between the whore of the world and those set-apart ones of Yahushua!!

This part of my life began on September 16 of 2006 when a truck I’m driving hydroplanes and then starts flipping five and one-half times landing upside down in the median in a flooded field. I had watched the first roll and half from inside the cab but the last several rolls from above.  A brain hemorrhage from my skull being crushed against the corner of the cab when it impacted the opposite side of the bar ditch released me from my body and now I’m hearing the most beautiful music and seeing the glory of our Father’s heaven.  However, what I learned while up there has put me on this warpath to learn how to ‘come out of her my people’ and He somehow expanded my capacity to understand and put together several different concepts and to merge them into a cohesive system which I have called the Hour Glass Farm system.  In this paper I will attempt to outline how that works.

Imagine yourself floating above the earth and looking down at what appears to be a field of green grass in the shape of an Hour Glass. As you look more intently, you realize the darker green outside the Hour Glass are actually trees and then you notice many of them have red, blue, orange, yellow and every other color of the rainbow interspersed here and there amongst that deep sea of green.  Now, focusing on the center of the Hour Glass, you see what appears to be whirligigs swirling in sand.  As you look closer, you realize the sand is actually a high mountain almost as tall as the trees around it and the whirligigs are wind turbines swirling in the wind flowing over the top of that mountain.  In the grass fields on both sides you notice a herd of cattle grazing with chickens following them. You can easily tell because in front of the herd is tall green grass while behind them are brown mulch with piles of dung everywhere and the chickens busily working through each pile, looking for insect larvae and the few grains of seed to eat.  Outside the grassland of this Hour Glass , among the trees, if you could see beneath and look up, you would notice all the different colors of the rainbow interspersed within were actually every fruit imaginable, some growing on vines, others on the trees and even vegetables peeking up here and there on tall mounds , which you find out later are called Huegel Kultur piles.

Back to the center of the Hour Glass, you start to notice this dirt mountain has curious looking openings at different levels up and down throughout its entirety.  And they seem to be at regular spaced intervals, so you put on your X-ray vision goggles and what you see inside amazes you.  This is no ordinary mountain of dirt but an Above Ground Under Ground House (AGUGH) with apartments and a lower root cellar and a kitchen-meeting hall at the topmost level.  You now realize that this dirt mountain has multiple functions connected within it and serve as the hub of the whole Hour Glass Farm system while hidden in plain sight.  And if you were to arrive at just the right time, you would probably see some of the inhabitants floating off on wings called hang gliders and paragliders, some of which are being powered with propellers driven by a motor, but strangely enough, there is no noise like the kind you have been familiar with.  You find out these motors are actually a specially designed retrofit of the Wankel rotary engine that is powered by compressed air .  Then you learn the wind turbines on top of this mountain are compressing air which is stored at the base of it in huge tanks.  Later on you learn the name of those air motors is called EngineAir built by an Australian company.  One of the locals informs you also that the small amount of electricity needed to run the entire farm is produced by connecting the air motor to a gen-set unit and the compressed air is either piped underground or transported in portable tanks where needed instead of having electricity in expensive batteries and copper wiring.

And if you were able to look into the future as I did when I left my body, you would see these Hour Glass Farms popping up here and there across the landscape starting to dovetail with each other and sandwiching side by side until whole sections of the countryside are transformed into something like the Sargasso sea of grass undulating in an ocean of wind.  The result of this dovetailing causes a manifold increase in wind energy plus an unexpected benefit in the dissipation of vortex winds produced by tornadoes.  

I am called Thomas ...No Doubt... and my email is or  

42 years ago I was sent out into the wilderness and left my dad’s house thinking I was going to go sit on a mountain top to find God. Instead He lead me into the wilderness of a valley, the Rio Grande Valley of Texas.  Many ups and downs later in my walk with the Lord, I realized I was living in the pig pen and I was missing the Father’s calling on my life, so, I cried out to Him for a ‘do-over’, and asked for His mercy on my life telling Him that I was willing to do anything He asked, desired or chose for me to do. What He chose was the truck wreck and brain hemorrhage that created a 12 year walk through the darkest place and times I have ever experienced.  3 weeks before the 12 year anniversary of that truck wreck, He spoke to me and said He was going to bring me out of that dark tunnel experience and that September 16th, twelve years to the day when I woke up that morning was glorious. I’ll be speaking more about that later on though

Please contact Thomas at aforementioned e-mail if you are interested in this Farm System or if you would like to discuss the interesting vision of the Lord with him.


You can see the prophetic interpretation of the vision by Michael at this link: Prophecies of GOD

Roserian Thomas has added this message:

Creating Coherency by (another) Country Man

Imagine!  Just imagine what the kingdom of heaven will be like.  Imagine fields of fruiting trees and forests of herbal flowers. Imagine crystal clear flowing streams of iridescent blue water shimmering in the light.  Imagine the air so dewy sweet your taste buds want to salivate.  Imagine the velvety green grass so luscious and so beautiful with a smell emanating from it that reminds you of those times as a kid, when the neighbors gathered together, one bringing fresh baked bread, another armloads of pecan & mesquite wood and branches of citrus trees, another one seasoning the barbecue steaks while the air fills itself to overflowing with what can only be described as joy of laughter and smiles of love.  Now imagine what that will be like... And as you begin to imagine, you close your eyes and see a rainbow of light bursting forth from behind your eyelids, so powerful, so friendly and so inviting you never want to leave that place.   Just for an instant, you hesitate to open your eyes again for fear or regret of losing what you have imagined.  Then, it hits you bursting forth in a flash,ma flash of eternal peace surrounding your whole being.  I’ve been saved!  This is the redemption I’ve been seeking and the end of it all I’ve prayed for, trusting that His Word is true.  Then the reality hits!!  My eyes are open! I am seeing the light and my ears are opened to the sounds of heaven on earth.  We are here. We are Home in Earth as it is in heaven.  WE MADE IT.  We woke up to the reality of the garden of God which He created for us in the beginning when we thought we had a better idea.  An idea which we had been tricked into by that one we were warned not to listen to.  He had appeared so convincing, so shimmering beautiful and time after time he came again and again until that moment when we yielded.  We yielded to the deception of the lie and were plunged into the darkness of the dream we thought would set us free but instead brought us death and destruction.  That illusion of grandeur which we endured through trial, tribulation and turmoil of that beast is finally finished.  

And now - And Now?   And now, we remember! We remember who we are. We remember why we were created. We remember the purpose for and the deeds we have done and works of righteousness for Him, -for Him that saved us!  He gave us the choice and we had failed Him in our own mind, strength & will, but He did not ever give up. He left the 99 and came back for me.  He came back for me and for you and He asked us if we would do the same for Him.  I am so glad I did and I am so glad you are here with me and we are here with Him and we all are in this place of His creation and of His delight.  

We have now arrived to the time and we have now arrived to the space we call home.  And for such a time as this, the Hour Glass Farm system was born!

I hear His Voice now.  I hear Him calling us out of the darkness of despair and into the rainbow of light bursting forth from within you and bursting forth from within us.  Can you hear it?  Of course you do.   You are hearing Him and for this reason and for this time you and I were created and have been called to the wedding.  We stand right at the door opening before us and see the preparations have been made and we stand washed and clean from the world by His blood of the covenant.  He speaks to us and asks us once again, ‘Do you love me?’    ‘Yes, Lord. You know that I love you. You know all things.’    Then Go Forth with all your might and strength and with all that within you is.  Go out into the highways and the byways and compel them to come out from the world of the beast. Compel them to come into His inner chamber of love for the wedding feast has been made ready.  We, you and me, who are tasting it and smelling its sweet fragrance, hearing the delightful sounds of joy, love and blessings awaiting us.  He says to us, ‘O taste and see that the Lord is good.’  And we reply, ‘My beloved is mine and I am His’.  

Then come out of her my beloved ones, cast off that weight and burdens of sin you and I once indulged in and come forth into the brilliance of that rainbow of light flowing from the Father’s throne room and flowing through us.  Let your light shine as Gideon did when he broke open those vessels (representing the sin which so easily beset us) and the light bursting forth from within broke into the enemy’s camp and caused them to panic and they turned on each other.  Like the battle strategy of Gideon, we have been given the strategy to overcome the world because we laid down our life (of the world) and came out into the new thing He is doing for such a time as this.  

The time is now.  The time is here and for such a time as this the Hour Glass Farm system is born.

Contact Roserian Thomas at if you are interested in this new Hour Glass Farm System!

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